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THE ALBUM features the main track Pop Culture that tells the story of everyone and anyone trying to make it in the entertainment industry that wants to become a super star and finds many lies and disappointments along the way but at the same time gives encouragement to hold your head up high and follow your dreams no matter what people say or do. In the end its all up to you to make it in life no matter what it is!

Other songs LIMITS is pushing life to the limits and not letting it get you down staying focused and never letting anything or anyone take that away from you!

Keep Pushing To The Limits!


Above The Ground

This song is about death experiencing the hardships, sadness, the lost of loved ones, and the knowing that of our own lives are ending and to never forget the good times and all what god has given to us to know that its our time to go and to have gods forgiveness and keep the love, happiness, and good memories alive because one day it will be our time to go.  


Dedicated to Locking days from the 70's era.

The rest of the songs are designed with that hardcore street dancer sound to make you want to do the dances of either Popping or Locking west coast dances from the 70's and on.









Years in the making! This album is a testimony to the commitment to playing and making music keeping true to his own style and sound. This has been a life long experience of ups and downs and the emotional rollercoasters from the loss of life with loved ones to gaining a new perspective on life and its meaning. Meaningful and real is what comes to mind with this album a genuine mix of life lessons to the prevailing embodiment of perseverance. 2020 is a new decade and COOLPOCKETS is relevant in every aspect of the times we are living. Giving thanks to God and his family his self-determination, and self-drive to complete and put this album out is worth its weight in gold. 


The Album:

  • ALL I WANT -Is that true love and the want to being loved.

  • SHAKE IT - Showing the power of women thru dance.

  • PUERTO RICO - Puerto Rican Pride stands on its own, thru thick and thin Puerto Rican people survive and prevail!

  • PUSH IT - A dance track to make you move and push your dance to another level.


Making things happen:

With nothing but a strong will and pure determination, COOLPOCKETS has made this album happen from absolutely nothing to a finished product that anyone and everyone can enjoy and listen too. Looking to getting this album out with the goals of performing and reaching the charts COOLPOCKETS is a force to reckon with in the music industry. COOLPOCKETS and his music are here to stay.



The video is an organic approach to music videos with a rehearsal/stage and performing right into the mic COOLPOCKETS shows how it's done with confidence and style. With the help of drummer Jara Harris from the band Slapbak who sat in for the filming of the video. These to veterans of funk-rock make it look rhythmical, natural, and fun with a homegrown appeal to the video.

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